Selling with Stories - Create Content that Converts

My name is Claire I have been a journalist and content creator for 20 years and I am passionate about helping business owners get rid of their writing blocks.

In a content-saturated world there is no point in creating content for content’s sake. You need to be answering your customer’s problems and igniting their interest with your unique offering to the world. I can help you learn to write for your business and set up a content plan that works.

I was the editor of the Families magazine that covered Berkshire for eight years. Whilst working on the magazine I have helped hundreds of large and small businesses with marketing campaigns, advert design, copywriting and social media campaigns.

I've also blogged for the BBC and I currently write national content for 38 Families magazines across the country, reaching 4 million parents.

In six weeks you will learn how to: -  

• Define your ideal customer

• Find your business voice & create a great about page

• Write a blog post and learn how to repurpose it 

• Produce a fantastic feature and pitch it to the press 

• Create an e-newsletter that people want to read

• Build a content plan for the next six months

Just £149 instead of £199

*Course Starts January 7, 2019*

Early bonus 1:1 Skype session for first three people to sign up

Every word counts. As a small business you need to craft your communication to create a genuine connection with your customers. 

I'll show you how to boost your business story and create content that creates conversations with your ideal clients.  

 How it works: 

This will be a private membership group so that you have the time and space to work on learning how to write your business story. 

• Weekly training with practical exercises each week to overcome any business writing blocks. 

 • Listen/watch in your own time even on your commute and put it into action! 

• A private Facebook community where you can post questions and challenges 24 hours a day and get quick answers.  

• A weekly, live Q&A where you can get input from me and the group on your writing and content challenges - and celebrate your wins!  

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